Make your marketing ROCK.

99.3 The Eagle is an affordable way to reach rock fans in the River Valley.  We know that there are lots of ways to advertise these days, and many of them are quite inexpensive.  But radio remains the most cost-effective way to reach thousands of people who may be in the market for your product or service.  And radio is a great partner to online campaigns, in that we can use mass media to direct interested listeners to your website or Facebook page.  

Frequently Asked Advertising Questions

KCON/EAB of Morrilton specializes in helping local businesses grow through cost-effective targeted advertising. With the right audience, and enough frequency, your advertising dollars can provide a tangible return on investment. Our goal is to make your job easier by reaching enough of the right customers to positively impact your business. The secret formula for advertising success comes down to this: What you say times how many times you say it!

Here are some frequently asked questions about Radio advertising. If your question is not answered here, please e-mail us at

Should I advertise?

If you need to ward off increased competition or generate additional customers, then advertising is a necessity. Because you can't yell loud enough to let everyone in your trade area hear why they should do business with you, you need to select an advertising platform (radio, television, print, etc.).

When you advertise, you are buying an audience. We provide unique audiences so your advertising dollars are not wasted reaching people who are unlikely to do business with you, while focusing on those that will!

Is radio right for me?

If people who listen to radio do business with you, then radio is an option to explore… and 96% of us listen to radio every week*. (*Radio Advertising Bureau)

Radio can expand your market reach
Radio can target your best prospects
Radio can generate sufficient message frequency
Radio can reach mobile consumers
Radio can motivate people to shop
Radio can establish a relationship with customers
Radio can break through competitive clutter
Radio can make a lasting impression
Radio can maximize your advertising investment
If radio were invented today, it would be all the marketing rage. Why? Because we live in an on-the-go society, and unlike newspaper or television, radio is with us everywhere… in the car, in the office, and all over the house. Radio's mobility, intrusiveness and target ability makes it a cost-effective marketing platform for nearly any type of business.

How do I get started?

We've got many of your basic questions answered right here. Take a look at this information, then contact us so we can tailor a program just for you. 

How much does advertising cost?

That depends on how much of an impact you want to make and how much competition you have. Though you can purchase an occasional special package for a few hundred dollars or less, our most effective advertisers invest $500 to $2,000 per month. Finding the budget you're comfortable with while providing a sufficient Return On Investment can be developed through a marketing analysis.

What are the most frequent mistakes advertisers make?

1) Not filling up one cup before moving to the next. Many business owners think they need to do a little of everything instead of doing one thing well. It's been said, “I throw my advertising dollars against the wall and hope some of it sticks.” Almost any business can get all the customers they need by simply attacking and owning a radio stations audience.

2) Quitting before the advertising can work. Advertising is like trying to get in shape. The beginning is the hardest part and the benefits truly begin when you think you've given your all. In order to get your desired body shape when working out, you must earn it by sticking to your plan. Successful advertising is no different.

What's the best way to advertise?

Unless you're having a special event, continuous advertising yields the greatest long-term benefits. Not everyone needs your products or services today, so advertising for a month is a crapshoot. Reminding a large group of consumers who are most likely to do business with you about your unique selling position over and over is most beneficial. When any of our listeners are "on" for your product, our goal is to have your business in their top-of-mind recall.

How long does it take for advertising to begin working?

This depends on what you are selling and the offer you're making. Tell people to visit you for a free $20.00 bill, and you'll have a traffic jam outside your business. Otherwise, advertising is similar to pushing a car - it's tough at first, but the more you push, the easier it gets. Soon enough you can move the car along with minimum effort. Stick with your plan and you'll be provided a healthy return on investment.

Is KCON "99.3 The Eagle" right for me?

Ask yourself, “What is the profile of the person most likely to do business with you?” Be specific. Now, match up that consumer to KVOM. Even if KVOM doesn't play the kind of music that you personally like, doesn't it make sense that our listeners could still be your customers?

Who makes my commercial?

We can produce your commercial here or at one of our sister stations across Arkansas. We encourage advertisers to voice their own commercials. If your voice is good enough to talk on the sales floor, it's good enough for our radio station. We will write your commercial, too. The message in that script is the most important thing - not music, sound effects or jokes. Commercial production is free for all our advertisers.

What should I say in my commercial?

Ask yourself, “Why should someone do business with me?” Be specific. “What truly makes me a better choice than my competitors?” “What makes us special?” “What is our Unique Selling Position?” Take a look at your strengths versus your competitor's weaknesses that can result in taking business from them. Our goal is to grow your business by getting you your unfair share of the market's dollars from your competition. A completed marketing analysis can help us fine-tune your message to the right audience(s).

How can I guarantee success?

After ensuring your business is in fine operating order, stick to a well-constructed advertising theme month after month. If you deliver your message consistently to the right people, your advertising will yield rewarding results.

I'm a small business with a small budget – can I still advertise effectively?

The bare minimum recommended spending can be as low as $300.00 per month based upon some specific goals and limitations. 

Do you have sales or specials?

We have several promotions throughout the year - from listener contests to cause-marketing opportunities to sports - that can help you stretch your Radio advertising dollar on KCON.

I'm a retailer, what's best for me?

Do you live and die by sales events or do you want more consistency for your business? Sales event advertising can drive customers, but it's the “caffeine of marketing.” The more sales you have, the more advertising you need. However, if you want a steady, non-fickle customer base, we recommend the more consistent approach.

I'm NOT a retailer, what's best for me?

Consistency, consistency, consistency! Whether you're a doctor, lawyer or carpet cleaner, a well-developed commercial stating your unique selling position will keep you in the consumers mind when the day comes form them to need your services. We firmly believe the best approach is Long Term Consistency.

I'm having an event, how should I advertise?

Heavy. Start with the event and schedule ads very frequently backwards until you've reached your budget for the event. More ads work better than less ads!

Should I hire an advertising agency?

If your budget is sufficient to develop a complete multi-media approach with extensive creativity, there are some talented advertising agencies to choose from. 

Should I have a jingle?

If you intend on using electronic media (radio, cable, TV), a jingle can really tie it all together. If you're willing to invest in a music image campaign, we'll reward your commitment. Have one produced, become a custom marketing plan advertiser, and we'll rebate your investment in bonus radio ads.

How does a buying cycle affect my business?

We all have needs that create buying cycles. As a business owner, you want the consumer to think of you when they need your goods or services. A specific listener may not need an attorney, dishwasher, new sidewalk, or retirement plan today. But, what about those who need these items next month… or next year? Create your business as a point-of-destination in the mind of the consumer. When they have forgotten about your competitor's ad minutes after they pass over it in print, you'll be there to TELL them your story, with consistency, day after day. That's how you create Top-of-Mind-Awareness and that's how to fight through a consumers buying cycle.

Should I do a "remote" (live broadcast)?

Live broadcasts are great for grabbing attention for a major event or sale, but in our particular market you can also accomplish this with a heavy ad schedule at a comparable price. Talk with us about what's best for your business.

What is reach and frequency?

An advertising term that calculates how many people you'll touch with your commercial (reach) and how often they'll hear that message (frequency). Research shows if you can reach two-thirds of a radio stations audience 3.5 times each; your ad will break through and be heard. 

How and who do I contact for more advertising information?

Simple - call 501-354-2484, text 501-208-2503, or e-mail

What's a radio demographic?

It's a group or cell of the population who listens to a radio station. If our station is not the right fit for your business, we'll tell you. We might also suggest one of our other formats or markets, as we have stations available across Arkansas.

What are your payment terms/credit policies?

We accept cash, check or credit cards (MasterCard, Visa and Discover). We are also pleased to extend payment terms with approved credit.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Signing off on your approval to run an advertising campaign is standard procedure, although they're maybe a few exceptions. It protects you with a low rate guarantee and provides written permission and consent for us to promote your business.

I tried radio once and it didn't work, why would it work this time?

Because somebody didn't do their job the right way. We won't suggest a schedule or commercial that won't give you results.

What is co-op advertising?

It's advertising paid partially by you and partially by one of your vendors. For instance, you may carry a new widget from Acme Company. Acme would pay 50% or more of your advertising bill for sharing time in your ads. Contact your vendors (or we'll be glad to help you reach out to them) and ask if you have co-op dollars available.

What is drive time?

Morning drive is 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m., Mid-day drive is 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., and afternoon drive is 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. These refer to the times when radio listeners are in the car and may be most engaged with radio. Though drive-time rates are available, the most cost-effective rates are ROS (Run Of Station plan); where your commercial is heard equally in all four primary day parts, including drive times.

What is a “Unique Selling Position”?

These are the primary reasons why you are truly a better choice to the consumer than your competition.

Is there a charge for KCON to meet with me about advertising?


We would love to talk specifics with you.  There's no "one size fits all" with radio advertising, so we need to visit with you and find out your specific needs.  Call us at 501-354-2484 or e-mail